How to make your donation.

Please make your donation through the respective account in your country.

Please add any necessary comments such as “Shambhala Day Donation”, “Harvest of Peace Donation”, “Jewel Patron Donation”, etc.

Recurring monthly donations are highly encouraged as they give us a stable and reliable basis for planning our activities. Please consider setting up an automatic bank transfer as a monthly donation in any amount – 10, 25, or 50 EUR each month is an impactful way to support our financial situation. 

Please indicate in the comments field that it is a “monthly donation to Shambhala Europe“.

Donations from the Netherlands:

Shambhala Nederland
1e Jacob van Campenstraat 4
NL-1072 BE
Bank Transfer Information:
IBAN: NL83 TRIO 0784 9120 68
Triodos Bank, Amsterdam, NL

Donations from France:

Association Shambhala Europe
Le Mas Marvent
F – 87700 St. Yrieix sous Aixe
IBAN: FR76 1055 8045 0711 7516 0020 410
Banque Tarneaud, Limoges, France

Donations from Germany and other European countries:

Shambhala Europe GmbH
Bertold-Brecht-Platz 3
D – 10117 Berlin
IBAN DE74 3806 0186 4602 0270 10
Volksbank Köln-Bonn, Germany

Credit Card and PayPal:

Please click on the Donate button:

If this link takes you to a website in a language other than your own, you can also visit your local PayPal website instead (e.g., If you already have a PayPal account, all you need in order to send a donation is our e-mail address: [email protected]
Donations made through this PayPal account are tax deductible in Germany.

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